Human control sera and calibrators

Here you will find our products, divided into areas of application.

Multi-testing of clinical chemistry

In order to guarantee the highest standards of safety and quality, our plasma raw materials used for the manufacturing of testing controls/calibrators based on human sera, originate exclusively from Central European blood donation services.

Our range of products covers the multi-testing of clinical chemistry with up to 70 analytes. The selection and concentration of individual analyte is conducted according to the client’s specification. Our products are available in liquid and freeze-dried form.

New products are subjected to internal qualification and validation procedures, from the prototype development stage to the manufacturing and delivery of the final product.

All controls are manufactured and supplied according to the client’s specification.
Parameters are then set and added according to the client’s specification: normal, decision and pathological level. On request, we can also supply small batches of good quality and with short delivery times. Our products display consistently long durability.

  • Chemistry Controls
  • Lipid Controls
  • Cardiac Marker Controls
  • Protein Controls
  • Electrophoresis Controls
  • Hormone Controls
  • Tumor Marker Controls
  • TDM Controls
  • Tailor made Single controls

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Blood testing

For diabetes diagnostics, the following further tests are offered, on a whole blood basis, in liquid and freeze-dried form:

  • Hb-Controls
  • HbA1c-Controls

Plasma testing

Our product range also includes freeze-dried plasma controls and calibrators for coagulation testing.

Urine testing

In order to live up to our claim that we supply a comprehensive range of Clinical chemistry control materials, we manufacture:

  • Dipstick Controls
  • Lyophilized Urine Controls

As a raw material matrix for manufacturing, human urine donations from medically monitored employees are used.


For the described control serum products, corresponding calibrators are also available.

Furthermore, we provide the opportunity to trace certain calibrator and control sera values to international reference values, via the supply of master calibrators and verification panels (traceability).

Human blood products

Here you will find our human blood products, divided into their areas of application.

If you cannot find a specific parameter/analyte, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Human Blood, Serum, Plasma

Human Whole Blood

  • Human Whole Blood, CPD
  • Human Whole Blood, EDTA
  • Human Whole Blood, Citrate
  • HbA1c Human Whole Blood
  • Erythrocytes Concentrate

Human Plasma

  • CPD Plasma
  • Citrate Plasma
  • Heparin Plasma
  • EDTA Plasma

Normal Human Serum off the Clot

  • Normal Human Serum, Off the Clot Single Donations
  • Normal Human Serum, Off the Clot Male, Single Donations
  • Normal Human Serum, Off the Clot Female, Single Donations
  • Normal Human Serum, Off the Clot AB, Single Donations
  • Normal Human Serum, Off the Clot Pool
  • Normal Human Serum, Off the Clot Male, Pool
  • Normal Human Serum, Off the Clot Female, Pool
  • Normal Human Serum, Off the Clot AB, Pool

Processed Human Plasma

  • Human Plasma, Defibrinated
  • Human Plasma, Defibrinated, Delipidized
  • Human Plasma, Defibrinated, Charcoal Treated
  • Human Plasma, Defibrinated, T3/T4-free
  • Human Plasma, Defibrinated, Steroid –free

Human Disease-State-Plasma


  • anti-CMV
  • anti-Rubella
  • anti-Toxoplasmosis
  • anti-HSV-1
  • anti-HSV-2
  • anti-HSV-1/2

Infectious DP

  • anti-Hepatitis
  • anti-HAV
  • anti-HBc
  • anti-HBe
  • anti-HCV
  • anti-HIV-1
  • anti-HIV-2
  • HIV-1 Ag
  • anti-HTLV 1
  • anti-HTLV-2
  • anti-HIV-1/2
  • HBsAg, ad
  • HBsAg, ay
  • HBcAg
  • HBeAg

Further DP

  • anti-EBV
  • anti-Mumps
  • anti-Measles
  • anti-VZV
  • anti- Borrelia Burgdorferi
  • anti-Brucella
  • anti-Chlamydia
  • anti-Helicobacter Pylori
  • anti-Syphilis
  • ASO

Further Disease-State-Plasma

Allergy Specific IgE Plasma

  • Grass Pollens
  • Weed Pollens
  • Tree Pollens
  • Epidermals and Animal Proteins
  • Foods
  • House Dust
  • Venoms
  • Mites
  • Microorganism
  • Insects
  • Parasites
  • Drugs
  • Others

Autoimmunity Plasma

  • anti-ANA
  • anti-Cardiolipin
  • anti-ds DNA
  • anti-Jo-1
  • anti-RNP
  • anti-Sm
  • anti-Scl-70 (Topo-I)
  • anti-SSA
  • anti-SSB
  • anti-Tg
  • anti-TPO
  • anti-Gliadin
  • anti-C-ANCA-PR3
  • anti-P-ANCA
  • RF
  • anti-Mitochondrial

Our new line:
Clinically characterised and
validated monoclonal antibodies


For a large spectrum of medical and diagnostic research.

Antibodies are recognised as one of the most important tools in Bioscience. We at DiaServe are proud to broaden our product portfolio and include the Elite line; a set of highly characterised, validated and qualified monoclonals developed in cooperation with the University of Sheffield and our partner BioServ UK.
Development and Manufacturing are carried out in full accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Standards. Each step of the life cycle of Elite monoclonals is regulated by audited SOP.
Our 25 clinically characterised and validated antibodies address a broad spectrum of medical research fields, ranging from fertility and oncology to endocrinology.
ELITE monoclonal have been trialed positively in a variety of diagnostic research and have been found to be applicable to flowcytometry, ELISA, immunochemistry and immunofluorescence.

Take the opportunity to discover the advantages of the ELITE-Hybridoma-lines and the value of these clinically, highly characterised, validated and qualified monoclonal antibodies!


All datasheets can be found under Downloads


You supply the human material of your choice and we will process it further for you.

Our service: further processing

As well as a certified laboratory, our knowledge and experience is also used by clients for the processing of human blood products.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.

  • Bottling and Lyo
  • Defibrination
  • Delipidation
  • Filtration
  • Sterile filtration